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by Svitlana Kline 
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My art comes from the heart. There is always a story or a secret hidden within the picture. First you will see a simple (or bizzare) image, but you will find much more if you will just take a closer look. Then you will look again and you'll find something new.
You will never tire of it!
All you need - is to open and free your mind.
Inerested? I will be glad to hear from you:


Coffee Lovers...

There is so much more than just two steaming cups of coffee!
See if you can find faces (profiles) of two people looking at each other. They are hiding in the steam.

Coffee Lovers/ CARAMEL
Acrylic on canvas 16"X20"

Coffe Lovers/ CHERRIES
acrylic on canvas 16"X20"

Coffee Lovers / TOOTSIE ROLL
acrylic on canvas 16"X20"

Coffee Lovers/RASPERRIES
acrylic on canvas 12"X12"

As a gift for the children of Metro Atlanta area (GA) I started the project DO GOOD.
I am offering to paint a 30 sq.ft. mural on any interior wall of a day-care or kindergarten facilities located in Metro Atlanta area with minimum charge.

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